Big City Adventure: Paris

Big City Adventure: Paris

A new edition of the Big City Adventure series, this time set in Paris
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This is a new edition of the Big City Adventure series, this time set in the streets of Paris. You will follow the steps of a family of travelers as they visit the wonderful capital of France. Along the way, you will learn lots of interesting facts about historical buildings, monuments, and landmarks of this beautiful city.

Your itinerary starts with an opera night at the Palais Garnier Opera House, and takes you all the way to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the Château de Versailles, along a total of 60 destinations. Just like the previous titles in the series, the game is almost totally based on the search of hidden objects.

Each place you visit is represented by a hidden-object game; your objective will be to find all the items hidden in the picture so you can move on to your next destination. HOG scenes are quite challenging; items are very well concealed with the environment and some of them are out of proportion so you will need to examine every little detail. Sooner or later you will need some help; there are 3 hints per level more can be collected as you search for objects. A variety of mini games like jigsaw puzzles and match 3 games alternate with the HO scenes; they can be skipped as long as you get some special coins from HOGs.

Graphics in the game are really lovely, every scene and location is depicted in detail and look almost realistic. Besides, gameplay is enhanced by sounds and some accordion tunes that recreate the romantic atmosphere of Paris.

In short, Big City Adventure: Paris is a game that will appeal to those who love classic hidden-object fun. If you played the other titles in the series, you should definitely try this one, if not, this is a great game to start with.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Lovely graphics
  • Nice music and sounds
  • Lots of places to explore and puzzles to solve
  • Timed and relaxed modes
  • Suitable for all ages


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